Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Major Haulage!

My MAC haul should be arriving today! Graphic Garden, Love That Look, Baby Bloom and Euristocrats 2! V excited! Yay!

I also have hauls from The Body Shop, Soap and Glory and a collective haul to record but don't want to inundate you with haul vids, so I might not bother with those.

I might just post pics/swatches here, haven't decided yet, my priority at the moment are tutorials as I haven't done one for a little while.

My new camera is fantastic and I really wanted to record some vids last night but in the end it just got too late and I was so tired. I hope to be able to do them tonight!



  1. yay cant wait to see your haul i love hauls!

  2. yay for hauls :D
    i am addicted to haul
    videos. & lucky, you
    get MAC :D:D
    anyway, have a nice day

  3. I can't wait to see it, i'm in love with MAC. I also have MAC sneak peak of their fall 2009 collection on my blog, check it out.

    I am now following you, follow and subscribe to me. :)

  4. you should DEFINETLY do a haul video :D
    i love watching those.....
    do it :)
    i wont mind. haha.

  5. Im really looking forward to seeing your haul and love watching your videos, you're so talented!!

  6. Sometimes it's so hard to get these videos up esspecially if you have kids, I have to wait till my daughters are in bed and then try to do them but most of the time im just to tired to bother lol.

  7. i loved the graphic garden palette!! i cant wait to see your haul

  8. lol that's great!! sounds amazing. ^-^

  9. AWESOME! i love hauls.offically subscribed. =)

  10. I love haul videos or pics.. it allows me to get an idea of a certain product if I can't get the store to look at it myself :)

  11. Looking forward to checking out more of your vids. I love haul videos.

  12. Hey Sweets,

    I made my first blog post :)
    I like this blog site!
    I was on live journal but that did not work for me that much.
    I tried to get you more followers by posting your blog to my facebook aswell.
    One thing is tsill have to figure out though is how to send you a message in stead of posting it as a comment.



  13. Hey love you on youtube, can't wait to follow you here. Your makeup is always beautiful, an I can't wait to learn more from you!

  14. You come across so sweet on your videos. I really enjoy watching them! Looking forward to seeing your haul.

  15. Love your hauls.
    Love your vids even more!
    You are so lovely!
    I love your accent, it is so proper!

  16. I loove your haul videos! I really want a new camera too because I want to make videos too.