Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blog Sale Coming Up!!

So I posted a video asking whether I should do a Blog Sale or not and got lots of replies saying I should go for it! So today I will start pulling out the items I want to sell, then tomorrow (Friday) I will put up the sale.

I'll post a quick video to let you know when the sale is live, so keep a look out for that if you are interested =)

Besos xxx

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My New Art Project...

So some of you know that I do Graphic Design, for example I made the lipstick writing my name that appears in my videos intro.

I also do digital portraits, basically I start with a blank document and create it from scratch, it takes around 12-14 hours to do each one but I love doing it.

I have decided to start a project creating digital portraits of some of the Gurus that I really like and admire, I'm not doing them in any particular order, I'm just seeing who is inspiring me at that moment and going for it =)

The first one is now completed, and it's DulceCandy87, here it is (you can click on it to enlarge):

And then I created a larger artwork from it (again, click to enlarge):

I hope you like it! I am working on the second one already and I already know who the next 3 are going to be. I don't know how many I will do in total, I guess I'll keep going until I don't want to do it any more.

Do you think this would make a good prize for a contest? For me to do a portrait of the winner (or their pet/child)? Maybe as a first prize and then make-up for other prizes (as it takes so many hours to do). Please let me know what you think!


Major Haulage coming up!

Hi everyone, I have some MAC and NYX products to swatch and post, I'll do it as soon as possible, I just received a huge NYX order and am so so pleased with the products!

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who is following me and thank you for all your comments! I really want to reply to your comments, especially those of you who have asked questions...however for some reason my account won't use my 'latinainglesa' username, it uses my real name!

I don't mind people seeing my real name, but it is confusing as when I reply sometimes people don't realise it's me! I need to get this sorted and once I do then I can reply to all your lovely comments =)

I haven't forgotten about my 1000 subs contest, I am still collecting prizes for it!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Prizes for my Contest!

All of my followers on this blog who have left a comment on any blog post by the end of 7th September 2009 will be automatically entered into a contest to win these prizes:
1. W7 Paintbox Eyeshadow Palette

2. Revlon Skinlights Custom Face Powders

3. LUSH Vanillary Solid Perfume (from the NEW collection!)

4. Urban Decay Cosmopolitan Lip Gloss

5. Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff Nail Strengthener

6. Bourjois Very Vernis Nail Polish in Pailettes Disco

One lucky winner will receive all of these =)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Major Haulage!

My MAC haul should be arriving today! Graphic Garden, Love That Look, Baby Bloom and Euristocrats 2! V excited! Yay!

I also have hauls from The Body Shop, Soap and Glory and a collective haul to record but don't want to inundate you with haul vids, so I might not bother with those.

I might just post pics/swatches here, haven't decided yet, my priority at the moment are tutorials as I haven't done one for a little while.

My new camera is fantastic and I really wanted to record some vids last night but in the end it just got too late and I was so tired. I hope to be able to do them tonight!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Video Set-Up

I'm really not happy with where I have been sitting to film my videos, the lighting is terrible! Plus it's my dining table downstairs so every time I want to do a tutorial or whatever, I have to move everything down here.

Ideally I want to be able to sit at my dressing table (vanity) and have everything to hand, this will really encourage me to record a lot more make-up tutorials...yay!

However the lighting in my bedroom is even worse than downstairs, so I challenged my hubby to sort it all out for me (love you baby!). He has ordered me a new camera, tripod and a daylight lamp and he's going to set it all up on my dressing table for me. At the moment I am using the family camera so I can't keep it set up as we use it to take photos/film of our daughter etc.

It all arrives on Tuesday so I'm sooooo excited! I'm finally going to be able to just switch on the lamp, camera and go! I won't have to set everything up each time I want to record a vid.

I had to share as I'm so pleased, plus the camera is HD which means better quality vids for all my lovely subscribers!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Congratulations to my winners!

Yay! Congrats to my lovely winners! Sorry that not everyone could win a prize but please stay subscribed as I have a couple more contests coming up!

The first one is a blog contest, all you have to do to enter is to be a follower of my blog, and leave a comment on one of my blog entries. It doesn't matter what you put (keep it nice though lol!), you don't have to put anything about the contest, just any comment.

At the end of August (on first September) I will collect all the names of everyone who has commented on any post on my blog to date and will pick winners at random. Not sure how many winners yet, it depends on how many prizes I can get together.

I plan on putting some goodie bags together with lovely make-up and beauty products in, and once they are ready I will post a video showing you what the prizes are.

So please subscribe to my blog and post at least one comment (more if you like) in order to be entered!

Also, once I hit 1000 subscribers on my channel I'm going to do another contest, another big contest which I hope will be a lot of fun! So keep your eyes open for that, and please spread the word about my channel so that I can reach my target...thank you all.

I really do appreciate every single one of you, and I promise to keep this blog updated more regularly and I also have lots of tutorials coming up!

Besos xxx

Friday, July 31, 2009

My Contest is almost over!!!

Today is your last chance to enter my contest, spread the word! 10 MAC prizes to be won, so 10 winners!

All you have to do is subscribe and leave a comment on my contest video saying you want to be entered, that's it!

Good luck everyone, I will be drawing the names tomorrow!

Besos xxx

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blue Smokey Look

Ok guys I am totally embarrassed at how much I have been neglecting this blog!

I thought I would share a look I created this evening, am thinking of doing a tutorial on it, feedback would be appreciated!

Love you guys! Thanks for reading my blog, I hope to keep it more up to date (I know I always say that! lol).
Besos xxx

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Here I am!

Sorry that I've neglected this blog for a little while, life has been busy, busy, busy!!!

I have been designing lots of lovely siggys over at VIP Signatures ( so if you fancy a siggy, blinkie, ani-name, snaggable for Myspace or anything like that then just put a request in my folder over there (Joanna) I am a bonus bunny. It's free of charge, yay =)

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that as I am rapidly approaching 500 subscribers, I am going to run another contest to celebrate! The Rose Romance collection comes out on Thursday in the UK so I am going to pick a couple of pieces from there to give away. So please keep a look-out for that.

I know that the weight-loss videos have been dominating my channel lately and I apologise to my make-up subscribers for that, I really will try and put up some tutorials very soon. Thank you all for your patience!

Besos xxx

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Nail Polish Collection...

I have recorded a video overview of my OPI nail polish collection, and also a few other favourites as it was a request by one of my lovely subscribers.

I'm debating whether to upload the video or not as it's quite long and boring! So for now I thought I'd post some swatches of my favourite nail polishes. Most are OPI but there are some others in there too. I will probably upload the video as someone might find it interesting but for those of you who don't feel like sitting through endless nail polish descriptions, here are some pics.

There is one missing which is really nice, it's called Bubble Bath by OPI and I love it but it's on loan to a friend. I'm pretty sure I took some pics of it on my nails a while back and never posted it so I will try and find it...if I do then I'll put it up for you as it's such a pretty pink shade.

Mini Haul!

I quickly spoke about these in my Fast Look video:

Sorry the photos aren't the best, I still have issues with lighting...I need to ask my brother-in-law for advice as he is the photography expert in our family!

First of all my Grand Duos mineralized blush in Love Rock:

With Flash

Without Flash


I also got a MAC shadow - Omega which I have wanted for a while. It's a completely matte beige/taupe which is perfect for an easy neutral eye when you just want a little definition:

I used both products in the video, and this was the finished look...very neutral but remember that this look was achieved in around 5 minutes, including foundation etc!

Besos xxx

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Tutorial - Missing Photos!

I posted the long awaited pink and brown look video last night but completely forgot to add photos like I usually do...

So as promised here they are, you can watch the video here:

If you have any questions then just let me know, besos xxx

Thursday, March 5, 2009

An update on my hauls...

Ok so a lot of you have been asking how I am getting on with my Lush and HK products so here is an update =)


The Emotibombs are really good but they don't last very long! I tried using just a small piece to begin with and that was nice, I got a few minutes of lovely vapours which were really relaxing. However as it only lasted a few minutes the next time I had a shower I put a whole one in (minus the small piece that I had already removed), and the vapours were a lot stronger which was fantastic. However it lasted the same amount of time! (4-5 minutes).

They are not expensive and so I would probably get them again and use a whole one each time as that way you get lots of gorgeous vapours but maybe do it once a week? I also plan to just stand under the warm water and enjoy the Emotibomb before beginning to wash my hair etc. If you use other products it kind of masks it. So I recommend enjoying it on it's own kind of like a spa experience or even putting it in before the end of your shower to relax you before you get out.


The Whoosh Shower Jelly is amazing! I love it and it will be a regular in my shower routine =) I have found that I can get the best lather by tearing off a small piece (about the size of a hazelnut) and rubbing it into my loofah/scrunchie first. That gives me enough to wash my entire body, and this way I can see my piece lasting for at least a month if not longer. The scent is really strong on this one and lasts well.


This Smoothie I didn't like =( I decided that the scent just wasn't doing it for me so I gave it to my sister. The formulation is nice but it didn't smell of much and so I won't be getting this one again.


The Enzymion moisturiser/Face Mask I have had before and love!

Hello Kitty:

I have not been disappointed by any of these products! I love them all =) I have been wearing them quite regularly and will be doing some tutorials soon.

If you have any questions about any of the specific products then just let me know.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Estee Lauder White Beige nail polish...

HOW gorgeous is this nail polish???

This one was recommended in Glamour magazine as being the shade that celebs are wearing. I bought it because I didn't have a shade like it in my collection and then forgot about it for a bit.

My On The Prowl manicure chipped (nail polish never lasts long on my natural nails as they are so soft that it cracks at the edges) so I was looking through my nail polish collection for something I hadn't worn before.

I am really loving it! I have to say that the formulation isn't fantastic, you definitely need two if not three coats, but the colour more than makes up for that. I also adore the bottle, it looks like the polish has been trapped inside an ice cube =)

I can't remember how much I paid for this but it is on the pricey side, that much I know! Great for the office =)

Besos xxx

Another cllection from MAC!

I have been sneaking a peek at another forthcoming collection from MAC, the Style Warriors Collection!

I definitely want a closer look at the Solar Bits...they look interesting! Also the Lustre Drops!

What does everyone else think? This one excites me more than the Sugar Sweet and Rose Romance collections!

Besos xxx

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello Kitty Haul!

I was sooo excited to receive my Hello Kitty goodies =) I received an invite to attend the preview at a MAC store in London but I decided not to go, instead I accepted their invite only online preview! I was able to order on Thursday 26th Feb and of course I chose next day delivery =)

By the way, the reason that I didn't get either of the palettes is that they were around £30 each and I didn't want them that badly!

So here are my goodies...first of all the gorgeous Soft Vanity Case (£44.04)

I love the fact that it has the clear flap to protect your brushes! It's the perfect size for going away for the weekend too (hint, hint Hubby!) =)

Ok, next is the Makeup Bag (£25.45) which is a perfect size for my handbag...I do have quite a large handbag! I am considering getting the smallest Makeup Bag but it is really tiny apparently, maybe just the right size for a lipstick and a small mirror but not much else...would be great to put in smaller handbags though. I can't remember how much it is and no longer have access to the HK part of the website so I will have to wait until it's officially launched and then see how much it is. Anyway, here are the pics:

Ok, on to the products themselves!

Glitter Eye Liner in Her Glitz (£12.72):

The swatch really doesn't do it justice, it has a really fine glitter and is really wearable, not just for evening. It's a really pretty brown colour, I haven't actually worn it yet though but I'll keep you posted on how I like it etc.

Lipstick in Fresh Brew (£11.26):

This is one of my all time favourite lipsticks...I am seriously considering getting a back-up! It's a gorgeous neutral shade and it doesn't dry my lips out. It's soooo me!

Lipglass in Mimmy (£10.28):

I like this Lipglass but to be honest it's nothing amazing, I like it just as much as my other MAC Lipglasses but it doesn't stand out. Still, I love the packaging and will probably carry it around in my handbag.

The Tinted Lip Conditioner in Pink Fish (£10.28):

I actually bought two of these because so many people had raved about it and I'm glad that I me the best thing about Pink Fish is how well it conditions my lips. The colour is really stong but as it's a delicate pink it isn't too much. It also has quite a sweet taste to it if you accidentally lick some off your lips, yummy =) I don't this it is as utterly amazing as some people have said but it's still nice enough to make me happy that I bought a back-up!

Nail Lacquer in On The Prowl (£7.83):

I really love this colour, I never thought that I would like grey on my nails but it's quite glossy and with my great Seche glossy top coat it looked even more fab! I have removed my acrylic nails for now as I was finding it hard to find the time to keep them maintained, but I will probably re-do them in a month or two. So as my natural nails needed some TLC I added some strengthening treats and then this lacquer. That last photo is of a swatch I painted onto a piece of white card, it is so glossy that you can see the camera lens reflected in it's not quite as glossy as this when it dries though.

Pigment in Deep Blue Green (£14.68):

This is such a rich, gorgeous coloured pigment. It looks amazing if you apply it to your lower eyelid wet, then smudge it out to create a smokey look. It's quite messy as it's so dark and highly pigmented so you do need to go steady with it but the final effect is well worth it. The swatch doesn't do it justice, I couldn't get the lighting right so I apologise but the photo of the product itself is pretty accurate.

Beauty Powder Blush in Tippy (£14.68):

This one really needs a light hand as it is so pigmented, but if you get it right it's sooo pretty. I applied it lightly with my 134 brush and really buffed it in...gorgeous! Like the merest hint of hot pink.

So that's my HK haul! Wooo! I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone else gets and what you all think of it.

If you have any questions about any of it or would like me to use any of the products in a tutorial then just let me know.

Besos xxx