Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Nail Polish Collection...

I have recorded a video overview of my OPI nail polish collection, and also a few other favourites as it was a request by one of my lovely subscribers.

I'm debating whether to upload the video or not as it's quite long and boring! So for now I thought I'd post some swatches of my favourite nail polishes. Most are OPI but there are some others in there too. I will probably upload the video as someone might find it interesting but for those of you who don't feel like sitting through endless nail polish descriptions, here are some pics.

There is one missing which is really nice, it's called Bubble Bath by OPI and I love it but it's on loan to a friend. I'm pretty sure I took some pics of it on my nails a while back and never posted it so I will try and find it...if I do then I'll put it up for you as it's such a pretty pink shade.


  1. Im going to have to go to yours to get my nails done soon i think lol loveing your collection ;)

  2. Wow, you have really lovely handwriting!! I also love your collection;) I am from Norway and we don't have OPI here, but I ordered some online and will hopefully recieve them soon (hope they live up to the hype;))

  3. Hi Vilde, I love them! I hope you do to =) By the way, thanks for the compliment but that's not my handwriting, it's a font, I added it in Photoshop =) I wish I wrote that nicely! lol

  4. thanks for posting all those swatches! I´m so jealous of your OPI collection!!!

  5. Hello :)
    You have such a huge collection! My nails at the moment are horrible! Do you have any tips for growing them because they just don't seem to grow or ever look nice :(


  6. Jeez, You Have Tons of Nail Polish, Lucky :D
    Well Keep Up Your Nice Collection. The Colors Are Beautiful :D

  7. Me encantan!!!
    en serio!!

    tienes muchos :D
    (: me gustarĂ­a tener tantos como tu :p

    Cuidate.. chau!

  8. Wow, you've got loads of OPI :) I personally LOVE Zoya nail polish. I'm afraid of going overboard because they have such beautiful colors.

  9. A part of my education was creating manucures.
    I like 2 do it but at the moment i'm more active with make-up. You have some lovely colors and good luck with the glittery star one.
    That one would be a pain to get perfect ;)

  10. Those look soo pretty! I love the one with stars in it! :D