Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello Kitty Haul!

I was sooo excited to receive my Hello Kitty goodies =) I received an invite to attend the preview at a MAC store in London but I decided not to go, instead I accepted their invite only online preview! I was able to order on Thursday 26th Feb and of course I chose next day delivery =)

By the way, the reason that I didn't get either of the palettes is that they were around £30 each and I didn't want them that badly!

So here are my goodies...first of all the gorgeous Soft Vanity Case (£44.04)

I love the fact that it has the clear flap to protect your brushes! It's the perfect size for going away for the weekend too (hint, hint Hubby!) =)

Ok, next is the Makeup Bag (£25.45) which is a perfect size for my handbag...I do have quite a large handbag! I am considering getting the smallest Makeup Bag but it is really tiny apparently, maybe just the right size for a lipstick and a small mirror but not much else...would be great to put in smaller handbags though. I can't remember how much it is and no longer have access to the HK part of the website so I will have to wait until it's officially launched and then see how much it is. Anyway, here are the pics:

Ok, on to the products themselves!

Glitter Eye Liner in Her Glitz (£12.72):

The swatch really doesn't do it justice, it has a really fine glitter and is really wearable, not just for evening. It's a really pretty brown colour, I haven't actually worn it yet though but I'll keep you posted on how I like it etc.

Lipstick in Fresh Brew (£11.26):

This is one of my all time favourite lipsticks...I am seriously considering getting a back-up! It's a gorgeous neutral shade and it doesn't dry my lips out. It's soooo me!

Lipglass in Mimmy (£10.28):

I like this Lipglass but to be honest it's nothing amazing, I like it just as much as my other MAC Lipglasses but it doesn't stand out. Still, I love the packaging and will probably carry it around in my handbag.

The Tinted Lip Conditioner in Pink Fish (£10.28):

I actually bought two of these because so many people had raved about it and I'm glad that I me the best thing about Pink Fish is how well it conditions my lips. The colour is really stong but as it's a delicate pink it isn't too much. It also has quite a sweet taste to it if you accidentally lick some off your lips, yummy =) I don't this it is as utterly amazing as some people have said but it's still nice enough to make me happy that I bought a back-up!

Nail Lacquer in On The Prowl (£7.83):

I really love this colour, I never thought that I would like grey on my nails but it's quite glossy and with my great Seche glossy top coat it looked even more fab! I have removed my acrylic nails for now as I was finding it hard to find the time to keep them maintained, but I will probably re-do them in a month or two. So as my natural nails needed some TLC I added some strengthening treats and then this lacquer. That last photo is of a swatch I painted onto a piece of white card, it is so glossy that you can see the camera lens reflected in it's not quite as glossy as this when it dries though.

Pigment in Deep Blue Green (£14.68):

This is such a rich, gorgeous coloured pigment. It looks amazing if you apply it to your lower eyelid wet, then smudge it out to create a smokey look. It's quite messy as it's so dark and highly pigmented so you do need to go steady with it but the final effect is well worth it. The swatch doesn't do it justice, I couldn't get the lighting right so I apologise but the photo of the product itself is pretty accurate.

Beauty Powder Blush in Tippy (£14.68):

This one really needs a light hand as it is so pigmented, but if you get it right it's sooo pretty. I applied it lightly with my 134 brush and really buffed it in...gorgeous! Like the merest hint of hot pink.

So that's my HK haul! Wooo! I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone else gets and what you all think of it.

If you have any questions about any of it or would like me to use any of the products in a tutorial then just let me know.

Besos xxx


  1. Wow..I love this Hello kitty Haul..I have never seen such a nice Hello kitty collection before..Love it so much..I surely would want you to do tutorials on all these products or have great choice..

  2. hello kitty is soo cute :D
    & all the products you bought
    are so popular...
    i think the tippy blush is
    gorgeous. then pink fish,
    i always wanted to try that.
    but ohh well. i LOVE the nail
    polish!! & the nude, fresh brew,
    lipstick is gorgeous & i love
    the little hello kitty on the side.

    awesome haul!

  3. I love the pink shades in this collection as well as the nail varnish :) I wish I could afford mac :/ Im new to makeup.... so im just starting out I got little but at least I got some right lol. Soon hopefully I can get mac and build my collection large just like you girls. All in good time

  4. I love love love san rio!
    Although personally i am more of a tarepanda type of person.
    A friend of mine has a charmy kitty suitcase that is just amazing aswell.