Saturday, February 28, 2009

LUSH etc

So I posted a haul video for my Lush order and promised photos so here they are, my fresh face mask also arrived so I have included photos of that.

First of all are the Emotibombs (£1.91) which sit in the bottom of your shower. When the warm water hits them they fizz slowly and release essential oil vapours which rise up with the steam of your shower. I've tried the one with the cat on it which is called Up the Wooden Hill and it is heaven! I used a really small piece because I want to make it last, it was about the size of a MAC eyeshadow pot. I didn't put it near the plug-hole, I sat it on the rubber mat that I stand on so that it wouldn't slip away and it stayed put. Next time I will use a bigger piece though as it only lasted for a few minutes. If you put the whole thing in there I bet it would be really amazing! They are quite cheap so I wouldn't mind doing that once a week or so.

Next is the Almond & Coconut Smoothie (£6.80), and to be honest I'm disappointed with the scent of this one. I love the formulation but the scent is too mild, I like strong scents that linger on my skin. With this one I feel that I can still smell the base formula and that the added scent doesn't add anything. I am going to give this to my sister if she likes's a shame but that's why it's always best to go to the actual store if you can. Next time I will!

This one is the Whoosh Shower Jelly (£2.25) and what you can't see here is that it's kind of folded up inside the tub, so when I took it out it was twice as long! It has a really strong scent and I LOVE it! I am so pleased, I will definitely get more of these next time. I like the look of the one called The Big Calm. I did try taking the whole piece and lathering it up like they show on the Lush website but it was really difficult to keep hold of, it was really slippery and I was scared of dropping it. I ended up taking a small piece and lathering up a scrunchie/loofah thingy with it (as advised by makeupbytiffanyd. It worked really well!

I got the Enzymion moisturiser (£11.74 but check the price of each moisturiser because they vary wildly...some are upwards of £30!) which I have had before. It's great for oily skin and absorbs really nicely. I love it!

I then got one of my favourites...a butter cream! This one is called Lemslip (£2.30) and smells edible! It's so smooth and melts gorgeously on your skin. You use it in the shower to wash with and rub it on wet skin...heavenly! It leaves you soft and smelling gorgeous. This one kind of looks like a slice of cheesecake but some of the others look like huge wedges of cake complete with frosting!

And finally the one that I couldn't show you in my video because it hadn't arrived! My fresh face-mask! Brazened Honey (£6.31) which is so fresh that it only lasts for 3 weeks and has to be kept refrigerated as it has no preservitives in it. I never use mine all up so I will de-pot some of it for my sister.

So that concludes my Lush haul! If you have any questions at all just leave a comment or send me a message =)

Besos xxx

Yay...I am not alone =))

I am so happy to finally have some followers, now that I am letting people know about my blog I am not all on my own over here lol =)

Thank you so much to my first few followers, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and I hope to keep it interesting for you!

I am about to post pictures of my Hello Kitty haul and also of my Lush haul.


Besos xxx

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Upcoming collections from MAC

Ok so who has been eyeing up the new MAC collections that are coming soon? Me me me! =)

The Kitty Kouture collection is doing nothing for me to be honest, the price tags are horrendous and although the compacts are cute I would never pay that much money for them!

So then we have the Sugar Sweet collection which does look promising, the Consume Me TriColour Gloss looks interesting, as does the Perfect Topping MSF. The Bubbles lipstick looks like something I would definitely wear.

Then there's the Rose Romance collection which has the most amazing rose sculpted beauty powders, but the product that has really grabbed my attention is the Just A Pinch Gel Blush.

For product images then click here: I really can't recommend this site enough, she seems to have info way before anyone else!

Besos xxx

My favourite neutral look...

I love this look! It's the one that I wear most of the time, if I'm not doing anything special or just need to get my make-up on flatters my eye-shape and takes 5 minutes to do!

I do vary the eyeshadows that I use, I like to change it up and have different shades of brown etc, I own so many that I don't like to use the same one all the time =)
Sometimes I will go even more 'natural' than this with my make-up, instead of brown I will use taupe or beige and skip the eyeliner, but if I'm going to put make-up on then that's as bare as I will go. I do have the odd make-up free day but that only happens if I'm staying indoors =)
Besos xxx

Monday, February 23, 2009

I am so behind on videos!

My request list is growing and I am not keeping up with it...eeek!

I haven't done a tutorial in a while and I really need to do some so I will try and get a few recorded this week.

I might even brave it and do the long awaited make-up collection/organisation video =)

I've also decided to not bother catching up with haul videos, I have too many to do and I don't want to post haul video after haul video because it will get boring for all of us. Instead I'm going to do a monthly video letting you all know what my favourite products are for that month.

I don't know whether anyone is actually reading this blog lol, I plan to make it a bit more interesting with lots more photos etc and really concentrate on it. At the moment I kind of post when I remember to!

If you are reading please let me know by leaving a comment and following me so that I know that I am not talking to myself here! Lol...not that I mind talking to myself, it's therapeutic =)

So look out for lots of videos this week! I hope that I can deliver what I've promised, I also have another weight-loss video coming up.

Besos xxx

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ruby Slippers...

Ok so my regular watchers will know that I do my own acrylic nails...I ordered a glitter acrylic mix called Ruby Slippers (the acrylic is NSI) and OMG it is sooo cute!

I used that on the tips then went the whole way and did the rest in Like a Virgin which is a clear glitter mix. I'm loving them for Valentine's!!!

Hope you like =)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My growing MAC obsession!

Ok, so why is MAC so addictive? It seems that as soon as you try one of their products you want them all!

My brush collection is really growing now; some MAC, some Coastal Scents and lots of Crown brushes (they are so cheap but are nice brushes).

I also have a few random brushes that I've collected over the's getting out of hand lol!

I've also discovered a love for MAC MSFs, CCBs and the Mineralized shadows/blushes. Oh, and the cream blushes lol, I am going to be broke at this rate =)

So the BBR (Brunette Blone Redhead), Creme Team and Well Defined collections hit the UK recently and I have ordered a couple of items but I'm saving my money for the Hello Kitty collection that arrives in March (in the UK).

I'll put photos up of what I've ordered from the above collections as soon as they excited!

Besos xxx

Thursday, February 5, 2009

And these are the aviators =)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some Bargains!

As posted in my mini-haul video, I have found some bargains!

The aviator sunglasses were £2.79 each with free shipping! I love them =) So glad I got them in silver and gold.

The 17 Eye Dazzles were £3.91 each but at Boots were on offer (3 for 2) so worked out much cheaper than that. They are amazing when used wet or dry, sorry the swatches aren't great =(

Besos xxx