Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ruby Slippers...

Ok so my regular watchers will know that I do my own acrylic nails...I ordered a glitter acrylic mix called Ruby Slippers (the acrylic is NSI) and OMG it is sooo cute!

I used that on the tips then went the whole way and did the rest in Like a Virgin which is a clear glitter mix. I'm loving them for Valentine's!!!

Hope you like =)


  1. ohhhh wow.
    i just bought an
    acrylic set thing.
    but im terrified to try
    it, because im like
    "aah, what if i totally
    mess up?"

    but anwyay, you are one
    talented person. & your
    nails look prettttttty.

  2. I saw that color combination in glue on nails once. I would have bought them instantly, but i tried glue on ones one time before and the fell off very soon so i chickend out :p.