Monday, February 23, 2009

I am so behind on videos!

My request list is growing and I am not keeping up with it...eeek!

I haven't done a tutorial in a while and I really need to do some so I will try and get a few recorded this week.

I might even brave it and do the long awaited make-up collection/organisation video =)

I've also decided to not bother catching up with haul videos, I have too many to do and I don't want to post haul video after haul video because it will get boring for all of us. Instead I'm going to do a monthly video letting you all know what my favourite products are for that month.

I don't know whether anyone is actually reading this blog lol, I plan to make it a bit more interesting with lots more photos etc and really concentrate on it. At the moment I kind of post when I remember to!

If you are reading please let me know by leaving a comment and following me so that I know that I am not talking to myself here! Lol...not that I mind talking to myself, it's therapeutic =)

So look out for lots of videos this week! I hope that I can deliver what I've promised, I also have another weight-loss video coming up.

Besos xxx


  1. I'm reading lol!
    I would love a monthly favourite product review :)
    Charlotte x

  2. im here....
    & haul videos are
    awesome. you should
    maybe just do collective
    hauls, instead of doing
    a haul everytime you
    buy something. that
    way, with a collective
    haul, you could show
    things you have gotten
    over the past month.

    haha. i just love hauls!!
    :) i probably sound crazy