Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My favourite neutral look...

I love this look! It's the one that I wear most of the time, if I'm not doing anything special or just need to get my make-up on quickly...it flatters my eye-shape and takes 5 minutes to do!

I do vary the eyeshadows that I use, I like to change it up and have different shades of brown etc, I own so many that I don't like to use the same one all the time =)
Sometimes I will go even more 'natural' than this with my make-up, instead of brown I will use taupe or beige and skip the eyeliner, but if I'm going to put make-up on then that's as bare as I will go. I do have the odd make-up free day but that only happens if I'm staying indoors =)
Besos xxx


  1. AWWW hola!! me encanta ese look!
    Realmente soy muy partidaria de los looks naturales :D

    Los uso todo el tiempo!

  2. aw, this is pretty....
    & i get your "indoors"
    plan, i do it all the time.

    i will have to try this look
    out sometime.