Thursday, March 5, 2009

An update on my hauls...

Ok so a lot of you have been asking how I am getting on with my Lush and HK products so here is an update =)


The Emotibombs are really good but they don't last very long! I tried using just a small piece to begin with and that was nice, I got a few minutes of lovely vapours which were really relaxing. However as it only lasted a few minutes the next time I had a shower I put a whole one in (minus the small piece that I had already removed), and the vapours were a lot stronger which was fantastic. However it lasted the same amount of time! (4-5 minutes).

They are not expensive and so I would probably get them again and use a whole one each time as that way you get lots of gorgeous vapours but maybe do it once a week? I also plan to just stand under the warm water and enjoy the Emotibomb before beginning to wash my hair etc. If you use other products it kind of masks it. So I recommend enjoying it on it's own kind of like a spa experience or even putting it in before the end of your shower to relax you before you get out.


The Whoosh Shower Jelly is amazing! I love it and it will be a regular in my shower routine =) I have found that I can get the best lather by tearing off a small piece (about the size of a hazelnut) and rubbing it into my loofah/scrunchie first. That gives me enough to wash my entire body, and this way I can see my piece lasting for at least a month if not longer. The scent is really strong on this one and lasts well.


This Smoothie I didn't like =( I decided that the scent just wasn't doing it for me so I gave it to my sister. The formulation is nice but it didn't smell of much and so I won't be getting this one again.


The Enzymion moisturiser/Face Mask I have had before and love!

Hello Kitty:

I have not been disappointed by any of these products! I love them all =) I have been wearing them quite regularly and will be doing some tutorials soon.

If you have any questions about any of the specific products then just let me know.


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  1. its sort of a bummer
    about the emotibombs...
    they last so little. lol.

    wow...the whoosh jelly
    i am really excited about :)
    i really want to try a piece.

    also, yay for the moisturizer :)