Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Video Set-Up

I'm really not happy with where I have been sitting to film my videos, the lighting is terrible! Plus it's my dining table downstairs so every time I want to do a tutorial or whatever, I have to move everything down here.

Ideally I want to be able to sit at my dressing table (vanity) and have everything to hand, this will really encourage me to record a lot more make-up tutorials...yay!

However the lighting in my bedroom is even worse than downstairs, so I challenged my hubby to sort it all out for me (love you baby!). He has ordered me a new camera, tripod and a daylight lamp and he's going to set it all up on my dressing table for me. At the moment I am using the family camera so I can't keep it set up as we use it to take photos/film of our daughter etc.

It all arrives on Tuesday so I'm sooooo excited! I'm finally going to be able to just switch on the lamp, camera and go! I won't have to set everything up each time I want to record a vid.

I had to share as I'm so pleased, plus the camera is HD which means better quality vids for all my lovely subscribers!



  1. Omg that is so nice of your hubby!
    It's gonna be so much easier for you to record which means more videos :) yay! xx

  2. BTW, I Love Your Vids.
    & Your Accent Is Awesome.

    Dumb Question, Do You Speak
    Spanish? You Probably Just
    Laughed Now. Haha.

    Well, See You :D

  3. Yes he is a sweetie!

    basketgurl I do speak Spanish! =)

  4. That's fantastic! :-) Nice Husband!

  5. Oh Wow. No Way....
    That's Awesome :D
    I Speak Spanish Too.

  6. Thats exactly what i need to get my hubby to do!

  7. aw thats awesome!! I too was having issues with my videos etc. BUUUUT I got a new camera coming in this week! SO excited!!!

  8. Ohh i'm glad to hear that you think of lighting!
    It makes the result of vid's and photo's so much better when done right. So kudos 2 you haha

  9. How awesome! I've been thinking about lighting also, as I have been enjoying doing tutorials lately, but you can't really see the brilliance of the colors because of the poor lighting.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your new setting and maybe you can update us on the "type" of daylight you got.

    Ana (abg1971 on youtube)