Sunday, January 25, 2009

Better Quality Videos Coming Soon!


Ok so I have been promising better videos for a while now, but we are almost there!

I have worked out how to film using my Canon Powershot which will be so much better than my Dell webcam that I am using at the moment.

The only problem is that filming on the Canon eats up batteries, and even th0ugh I use rechargables it's a problem. Therefore I have ordered a power cable for my camera so that I can run it off the mains.

I promise that I will record a video as soon as the cable arrives so that you can see how clear it is. Especially if you view in high quality. In fact I'm a little bit freaked out at just how clear the image is, I won't be able to hide even the tiniest blemish from you guys lol!

Oh well, at least you will be able to see my make-up tutorials more clearly which should help you guys so it's all good =)

Besos xxx


  1. aw, lucky....
    you have a canon.
    thats awesome.
    was it really expensive?

  2. i just thought i'd tell you-- i love your videos, i found you from a friend, and your makeup style and technique is really amazing. i really wish i could do what u do so well haha. and you are really just so beautiful and talented. best wishes with everything you do =]