Friday, January 30, 2009


I decided to record a weight-loss video in Spanish as I have been receiving lots of messages from people who are Spanish speakers.

I hope that it proves to be popular, and if so then I will make it a regular feature of my weight-loss log.

I have ordered some exercise DVDs so I will do a haul on those when they arrive, some of them are very cheesy but I have no shame =))

Besos xxx


  1. i still find it amazing
    how you speak spanish....
    maybe because you speak
    english so well :)
    anyway, good luck with your
    awesome videos :D

  2. I love spain!
    Been there a couple of months ago with my bf.
    He has been going to the shore for a lot of years now to practice kitesurfing.
    Spain always gives me a holiday feeling.
    I love the culture the buildings and the nature. The thing is that my family lives here and i dont want to be apart from them for so long but otherwise i would have been stalking you :p
    *just kidding*